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Where to eat in Halong city, Hanoi Halong travel info & tips

Vietnam travel guide, Where to eat in Halong city

In Halong, there is a wide range of restaurants including budget restaurants, seafood restaurants, as well as good European and Chinese restaurants. In the center of Bai Chay tourist area, superior restaurants are often located around the beach area and in the large hotels. Along Halong Street are many clean restaurants, offering seafood specialties and Vietnamese dishes.

• European restaurants:
1. Hoang Gia
In the area of the park,
Halong Street, Baichay
Tel: 033.845.913

2. Heritage Halong Restaurant in the Heritage Hotel,
Halong Street, Baichay
Tel: 033.845.020

3. Halong Plaza Restaurant in the Halong Plaza Hotel
: 033. 845.810

4.  Halong Restaurant in the Halong Hotel
: 033. 846.321

5. Bachdang Restaurant in the Bachdang Hotel
: 033.846.330

 Chinese Restaurants: Quan Hai Lau
Next to
Baichay Tourist Wharf
Tel: 033.847.037

The restaurant has 250 seats, (in different rooms,) it offers menu service with Chinese dishes and a Chinese chef.

 Seafood specialty restaurants:
1. Sea Food Restaurant in
Halong Street, Baichay
Tel: 033.845.822

2. Thu Huong Restaurant, in Halong Street, Baichay
Tel: 033.845.142

3. Bin Bop Restaurant in group 10, zone 1, Tran Hung Dao Ward
Tel: 033.627.686

4. Noi Nho Restaurant, Tran Hung Dao Street   
Tel: 033.825614

5. Bien Xanh Restaurant, No. 8 Le Thanh Tong Street             
Tel: 033.825112

 Specialties: areca, oysters, shellfish
- "Shellfish supermarket" at Cai Dam area, 2km from Baichay Tourist Wharf. It is an attractive place for tourists in the evening.
- Next to Long Tien Pagoda (near Halong Market), open most of the night.

 Popular rice and noodle restaurants: (with seafood)
- On the lower part of Vuon Dao slope, near Bai Chay Post Office.
- Along
Hangnoi Street, Bendoan area and LongTien Pagoda.

Apart from bars and cafes in the larger hotels, there are many other cafes:
- Trung Nguyen Café No 1,
Nguyen Van Cu Street, Halong City.
- Trung Nguyen café No 2, Cong Doan Hotel,
Halong Street, Baichay.
- Thang Long Hotel: House on Stilts café,  "ruou can" (rice wine drunk out of a jar through pipes).
Tel: 033.847276
- Noinho Café,
10 Tran Hung Dao Road, Halong City
Tel: 033.628027, 033.629128.
There are numerous cafés and refreshment locations in
Halong Street (Baichay) and Le Thanh Tong Street (Hongai).

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Where to eat in Halong city, Hanoi Halong travel info & tips

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