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Maichau Dienbien Sapa guide-Ba Be National Park, Vietnam travel guide

Maichau Dienbien Sapa guide - A tourist company in Hanoi offers Maichau Dienbien Sapa guide, Ba Be National Park Vietnam travel guide Ba Be National Park for tourist travel to Vietnam

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Ba Be National Park
From Bac Kan Township; after traveling 60 km in the northwest direction; visitors will reach Ba Be National Park. Founded in 1977; the Park has a natural area of 76.000 ha. The center of the park is Ba Be Lake regarded as the most beautiful natural lake in Vietnam. This place houses 620 species of plants; 299 species of animals; 214 species of birds; 46 species of reptiles; 400 species of butterflies and 50 species of fish. Among them; there are many rare; endemic species that are facing the danger of extinction such as the truc day (a kind of ivory bamboo or Ampelocalamus genus; only found in Ba Be); khi bac ma (white-cheeked monkey or Trachipithecus Fraucoisi); cay huong (civet; Crotogale ownstoni); and vooc mui hech (upturnednosed monkey; Rhinopitecus avunculus).
Ba Be National Park boasts many attractive and beautiful landscapes such as: Ba Be Lake; Puong and Tham Kit Grottoes; Dau Dang Waterfall; Ao Tien (Fairy Pond). It is also an area inhabited by some ethnic minorities such as: Tay; Dao; H'Mong; and Nung who concentrate in the mountain hamlets of Pac Ngoi; Bo Lu; Cam; Him Dam; etc...

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