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Maichau Dienbien Sapa guide-Cat Cat, Lao Chai Ta Van and Ta Fin villages, Vietnam travel guide

Maichau Dienbien Sapa guide - A tourist company in Hanoi offers Maichau Dienbien Sapa guide, Cat Cat, Lao Chai Ta Van and Ta Fin villages Vietnam travel guide Cat Cat, Lao Chai Ta Van and Ta Fin villages for tourist travel to Vietnam

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Cat Cat, Lao Chai Ta Van and Ta Fin villages
Cat Cat Village ( half day)
A small village of H'mong people about 4 km from Sapa Center. Trekking or going by motorbike, jeep upon request. There is an existing Power Station built by the French next to a very nice stream where you can sit and relax on big stones.

Lao Chai & Ta Van Village ( half day)
9 km from Sapa Center: trekking down and picked up by motorbike or jeep will take you whole day; 2 ways going by car will take you half day. On the way to Lao Chai & Ta Van, very nice rice paddles are on your view where you can see minorities of H'mong, Day and Dao people who dress in traditional style that is unique in the Northern Region of Vietnam; and explore their daily lives, culture and customs.

Ta Fin Village (Red Dao, Black Hmong communities) ( half day)
15 km from Sapa on the way back to Lao Cai, Tafin is famous for its scenery with mountains and caves, the Black H'mong and Red Dao houses. A Women Union's embroidery house is a place where you can buy a small hand-made gift. Especially, ladies' silver-colored beads and coins will surprise you a great deal. People have always believed that a womans wealth is equal to the weight of coins she carries. Here, the women are beautiful with long locks of hair tied up in a large red embroidered turban. On entering the Red Dao's home, you can see a wooden stove burning all the time in the middle of the house a symbol of a long lasting life and keeping people out of bad lucks and evil spirits.
To and from Tafin, should you take a motorbike or jeep, 3 hours.

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